AKT – LS signs Project Agreement with the Municipality of Obiliq/Obilić for constructing two roads in Plemetina/Plemetin Village

Obiliq/Obilić, June 26, 2015, USAID Advancing Kosovo Together – Local Solutions represented by Chief of Party Mr. Artan Avdiu and the Mayor of Obiliq/Obilić Mr. Xhafer Gashi signed a Project Agreement for the construction of two roads “Vidovdanska” and “Bratsvo i jedinstvo” in Plemetina/Plemetin Village. This project will be funded 80.27% by the AKT-LS program and the remaining 19.73% will be funded by the Municipality of Obiliq/Obilić.

The two village roads, “Vidovdanska” and “Bratsvo i jedinstvo” are currently in a very poor condition.

The neighborhood of Plemetina/Plemetin is inhabited with mixed communities, consisting of Albanians, Serbians and RAE. The access to the main asphalt road is very difficult for these inhabitants during dry and rainy seasons, thus these two streets will be able to provide the much needed access. Asphalting of these two roads, will provide easier access to the social and administrative center, as well as to basic services such as education, health and the market.

Since the road “Vidovdanska” passes beside the orthodox cemetery of the village, it will also provide easier access for Serbian community to practice pertinent ceremonies.