A team of AKT - LS program met with the Mayor of Novo Brdo and his Cabinet.

On January 15, 2015 the AKT – LS Program team consisting of Mr. Nenad Maksimovic Head of Citizen Engagement Component/DCOP, Mr. Artan Avdiu Head of Business Development Component, Ms. Merita Kasapolli Head of Municipal Development Component and Mr. Viktor Djokic, have conducted a meeting with the Mayor of Novo Brdo/Novobërdë Mr. Svetislav Ivanovic and the cabinet of the Municipality.

During the meeting, the DCOP had introduced the AKT - LS project and all components. At the same time, the timeline for the sending list of priority projects for implementation of infrastructure projects had been agreed and the municipality had pledged co-finance resources for the implementation of infrastructural projects.

The AKT - LS Program team also conducted meetings with the Head and the Deputy Head of Women Group from Novo Brdo/Novoberde. Representatives of Women Group were informed about the AKT-LS program and the decision making processes which also include them in the decision making authority.

The Women Group were looking forward to the support of AKT – LS Program and stated that they will organize a meeting to discuss the women priorities in this municipality which later will be presented to the AKT – LS Program.