AKT - LS program team meets with the Municipality of Ranillug

On January 15, 2015 AKT – LS Program team including Head of Citizen Engagement Component/DCOP, Head of Business Development Component, Head of Municipal Development Component and the Technical Engineer have conducted a meeting with the Mayor of Ranilug/Ranillug Mr. Gradimir Mikic. The meeting was also attended by the representative of Women group from Ranilug/Ranillug municipality and head of Youth Council.

This meeting was a follow up of the initial meeting between DCOP and the Mayor. The Municipality and the representatives of women and youth were informed about their share in the decision making process for the infrastructural projects and it has been agreed that all stakeholders will send their priority lists for infrastructural projects to AKT – LS H.Q.

The Municipality and relevant stakeholders were also informed of the Business Support and Capacity Building opportunities that will be provided by AKT – LS Program in this Municipality. 

AKT - LS regional coordinators will follow up with all these stakeholders ensuring that priority lists are being developed in an inclusive manner and will be sent in the time-frame that has been agreed upon.